JETNET Releases September 2012 and First Nine Months of 2012 Pre-Owned Business Jet, Business Turboprop, and Helicopter Market Information

UTICA, NY – JETNET LLC, the leading provider of corporate aviation information, has released September 2012 and year-to-date (YTD) 2012 results for the pre-owned business jet, business turboprop, and helicopter markets.

Market Summary
Highlighted in Table A are key worldwide trends across all pre-owned aircraft market sectors, comparing September 2012 to September 2011 as well as YTD. The Fleet For Sale percentages for all market sectors were down in the September comparisons, with the largest drop in business turboprops, to 8.5% from 10.0% in September 2011.

Key Metrics (September 2012 vs. September 2011 and YTD)
For Sale inventories continue to decline:

  • Business jets for sale were at 13.5% (down 0.3 points from 13.8%)
  • Business turboprops for sale were at 8.5% (down 1.5 points from 10.0%)
  • Turbine helicopters for sale were at 6.2% (down 0.4 points from 6.6%)
  • Piston helicopters for sale were at 6.0% (down 0.4 points from 6.4%)

Full Sale Transactions had mixed results, with only business jets showing growth:

  • Business jets were up 5.5%
  • Business turboprops were down 3.7%
  • Both turbine (-8.2%) and piston (-9.0%) helicopters were down

Average Asking Prices show mixed results:

  • Both business jets (+4.9%) and turbine helicopters (+12.4%) increased
  • Both business turboprops (-4.7%) and piston helicopters (-0.4%) decreased

Average Days on Market are all at very high levels:

  • All market sectors were on the market more than a year (on average) before a sale, except
    business turboprops (at 345 days)
  • All market sectors have shown increases in Average Days on Market in September, except
    business jets which took 3 fewer days to sell
  • Piston helicopters took two months (63 days) longer to sell than a year ago

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