Aircraft Depreciation Trends: A NARA Perspective

The new smaller business aircraft manufactured from the 1980s up to 2007 have experienced very predictable depreciation. Historically, it has been in the neighborhood of 5 to 10% a year, down to where an aircraft reached a certain value, perhaps 60-70% of its original purchase price.

And then in three to five years the aircraft would start appreciating again – due to replacement costs being higher on the same airplanes. A buyer could get a five-year-or-older airplane with relative certainty that it would maintain its value. Consequently, the real cost of flying the aircraft would be fuel, insurance and maintaining it properly. Buyers could rest assured that they were going to recoup 75% worst case, or as much as 125% of their investment when selling.

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JETNET iQ Feb. 2012 Overview

Click to view our February 2012 JETNET iQ overview report (PDF) with the latest in market intelligence. This is the result of a full year of JETNET iQ surveys.

Launched in 2011, JETNET iQ is a forecasting and premium advisory service for the business aviation market, designed to help customers “Know More”. Available on an annual subscription basis, JETNET iQ consists of three main elements:

1. JETNET iQ Reports are designed to be the definitive analytical reference for the business aviation industry, incorporating quarterly state-of-the-industry analysis, voice-of-the-customer insights, and detailed delivery and fleet forecasts.

2. JETNET iQ Summits provide unique networking opportunities for members to learn more about emerging developments and to interact with other thought leaders in the industry.

3. JETNET iQ Consulting serves the needs of members with customized research and analysis requirements on a project-by-project basis.

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