Diane Levine-Wilson


Putting all politics aside. C’mon, you can do it.

The somewhat controversial governor of New Jersey Chris Christie (what were his parents thinking?) is in the news this time for personal use of one of the state owned helicopters. He used it to fly to his son’s high school baseball game and then to attend a dinner with GOP folks to discuss his possible run for President.

Yikes! The media grabbed this up like a fresh donut on the dashboard of a squad car and the opposition party talking heads were aghast and the public decried “outrage. Sighting “hypocrisy” as justification for their anger. After all, the porcine governor is busily slashing budgets in the public sector in order to get the state back on fiscal solid ground. “Everyone must make sacrifices” is his battle cry for decimating state funding for education. Ooops, I said I wouldn’t do that. “My bad”

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