JETNET Releases December 2012 and Full Year 2012 Pre-Owned Business Jet, Business Turboprop and Helicopter Market Information

JETNET Business Aviation Market ReportUTICA, NY – JETNET LLC, the leading provider of corporate aviation information, has released December 2012 monthly and year-to-date (YTD) results for the pre-owned business jet, business turboprop and helicopter markets.

Market Summary
Highlighted in Table A are key worldwide trends across all pre-owned aircraft market sectors, comparing December 2012 to December 2011, as well as YTD. The Fleet For Sale percentages for all market sectors, except for piston helicopters which showed no change, were down in the December comparisons, with the largest drop in business turboprops, to 8.3% from 9.6% in December 2011.

Key Metrics (December 2012 vs. December 2011 and YTD)
For Sale inventories continue to decline:

  • Business jets for sale were at 13.4% (down 0.4 from 13.8%)
  • Business turboprops for sale were at 8.3% (down 1.3 from 9.6%)
  • Turbine helicopters for sale were at 6.1% (down 0.5 from 6.6%)
  • Piston helicopters for sale were at 6.1% (no change)

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JETNET iQ Global Business Aviation Surveys: 4,000 Respondents and Counting

UTICA, NY – JETNET LLC, the world leader in aviation market intelligence, announced today that the number of total respondents to its JETNET iQ Global Business Aviation Surveys has now reached 4,000. These quarterly surveys are completed on-line in multiple languages with owners and operators of fixed-wing, turbine-powered business aircraft. Respondents to date are based in 107 countries, thus providing a truly global perspective on business aviation markets and customer sentiments.

JETNET aircraft research specialists are front-and-center in the success of the JETNET iQ survey process. The Utica, NY-based team of more than 40 professionals is in daily contact with aircraft owners and operators. Rollie Vincent, JETNET iQ Creator/Director, has only high praise for the work of JETNET’s research team: “They speak many languages, but most importantly they speak “airplane”. This helps us tremendously in communicating with customers who represent a rich diversity of perspectives.”

Lucia Frontera, JETNET Director of Research, added: “We connect with owners and operators in both traditional and emerging markets, wherever business aircraft are based and flown. Our JETNET iQ surveys reach every corner of the globe, from America to Angola, Argentina to Australia, Austria to Azerbaijan – and all points in between.”

Raising Your Business iQ

JETNET iQ is JETNET’s premium forecasting and advisory service for business aviation. Designed and developed in collaboration with respected industry experts Rolland Vincent Associates, JETNET iQ includes three main elements: JETNET iQ Reports, JETNET iQ Summits and JETNET iQ Consulting.

JETNET iQ Reports are quarterly “state of the industry” research reports that include an overview of the economy, industry and competitive developments. At the heart of JETNET iQ are proprietary quarterly surveys that reach business aircraft owners and operators in more than 100 countries. These surveys include assessments of aircraft utilization patterns and intentions, purchase criteria and inhibitors, brand perceptions, purchase and selling intentions, and many other factors. To date, eight quarterly surveys have been completed, with more than 4,000 respondents chronicled. Each Report also includes details on JETNET iQ’s latest 10-year business jet delivery and fleet forecast. JETNET iQ Summits are high-energy gatherings of thought leaders on current and emerging
developments impacting the business aviation industry. JETNET iQ Consulting provides research and analysis services tailored to the specific project requirements of customers.

For almost 25 years, JETNET has delivered the most comprehensive and reliable business aircraft research to its exclusive clientele of aviation professionals worldwide. JETNET is the ultimate source for information and intelligence on the worldwide business, commercial, and helicopter aircraft fleet and marketplace, comprised of some 100,000 airframes. Headquartered in its state-of-the-art facility in Utica, NY, JETNET offers user-friendly aircraft data via real-time internet access or regular updates.

For more information on JETNET LLC log on to or contact Paul Cardarelli, JETNET Director of Sales and Marketing at 800-553-8638 or +1-315-797-4420 (USA) or; International inquiries, contact Karim Derbala, JETNET Exclusive Agent, EMEA, at or


AINONLINE: JetNet Sees Bizav Business Picking Up

AIN Online shares some of the takeaways from our recent JETNET iQ Summit in NYC.

The global business aviation industry is anticipating a modest increase in flight utilization, according to statistics released last week by aviation information services firm JetNet at its second annual iQ Summit in New York City. Based on the results of its most recent quarterly survey of business aviation operators, the company foresees nearly 5-percent growth in flight hours worldwide over the next 12 months and a 7-percent increase in the following 12 months.

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Guest Post: WHERE ARE WE HEADED? by Janine K Iannarelli

We thought Par Avion Ltd’s Janine Iannarelli latest piece was an excellent read and wanted to share it with our readers.

“Where are the aircraft resale markets headed?” is among the first questions posed to me in just about every conversation I have as of late.  Don’t you know I wish I could look forward with complete accuracy 100% of the time?  Then I might be writing this blog from a beach in some exotic locale as opposed to my present state of being crammed into an economy seat on a commercial airliner.   While in the past I felt I read the tea leaves pretty well, the clarity of the water seems to have gotten murky again in our so called economic recovery. Just when you think the analytics are showing you some sort of trend, a bend in the road appears. Actually sharp curves depending on the make/model of airplane in focus.

Many of us who make our living dealing in business aircraft are a little tired of trying to get ahead of the market and would welcome signs if not of an increase in sales, then how about a little predictability based on developing trends? One would like to be able to bring “X” airplane to market at fair market value, strategically position it so as to sell in a time frame commensurate with current conditions and provide for a decent return to its owner. Again, establishing a price that takes into account the market one is working with and reviewing the available historical data as well as current market conditions–not have the entire marketing plan go right down the drain because of the unexpected wild card play. Such as bringing an airplane to market at a price that shocks while insuring it will be the next to sell. Lately I have seen and heard of a couple of examples of such that go beyond undercutting the competition which I see as the more damaging effect of resetting the market. This is not selling.

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JETNET Contributes to ITC Report on Business Aviation Competitiveness

JETNET was proud to contribute to and be part of the information board for the ITC Report:
Business Jet Aircraft Industry: Structure and Factors Affecting Competitiveness

“The U.S. business jet manufacturing industry is facing new challenges as it competes in a market environment characterized by tightened credit, uncertain government funding for research and development (R&D), and new entrants into the industry, reports the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) in its publication Business Jet Aircraft Industry: Structure and Factors Affecting Competitiveness.

The USITC recently concluded the investigation for the U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on Ways and Means. As requested, the report covers the period 2006-2010, with data from 2011 as available, for business jets at or below 50,000 pounds maximum takeoff weight.

The report provides an overview of the structure of the U.S. and global business jet industry; discusses the global market for business jet aircraft and the effects of the recent economic downturn on business jet demand; reviews government policies and programs involving the business jet industry, including those related to financial support, aircraft R&D, and certification; and examines factors that may affect the future competitiveness of the industry, particularly in the United States, Europe, Brazil, Canada, and China.”

Download the full report here.