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JETNET iQ Summit 2013

IMG_1562I just got back from our 3rd annual JETNET iQ Summit. Having had a few hours to clear my head and reflect on the event, I want to share my thoughts with you.

Utmost to all who attended was how we see the future of our industry. The presentation by Rolland Vincent about JETNET iQ’s survey results addressed just that issue. Our iQ (intelligence quarterly if you were curious), is as close to the magic bullet that we are all seeking for our business planning. I can’t say enough about the standout results we get from our industry surveys. They are direct results of person-to-person contacts by our JETNET researchers in five different languages to operators all over the world.

The Venue: The summit was held at the “W” Hotel in midtown Manhattan, what a beautiful setting it was. Convenient too. Our evening reception in the Great room provided a comfortable gathering spot. We added the special touch of serving a signature cocktail called an “Aviator”. Don’t ask me what it contained, but any pilot hoping to fly within a few hours certainly should not drink it.

The main event took place the following day. We had a line up of guest speakers and moderators made up of the most successful and influential names in our industry. We also invited speakers from a broader range of interest to our attendees. Economist Brian Beaulieu, who is always a voice of truth and reason, and David Friedman, president of Wealth X showing us his unique approach to defining and finding high net worth individuals.

We then got into the nitty gritty of our aviation special interest sections. Financial Markets moderated by Michael Amalfitano, Banc of America, and panelists included Donald Synborski, RBS Citizens, Ford Von Weise, Citi Private Bank, Tom Taormina, PNC, David Labrozzi, GECC, and Mike Kahman, CIT.

OEM’s moderated by Bill Garvey, panelists included Paul Floreck, Dassault Falconjet, Brant Dahlfors, Bombardier, Bob Knebel, Embraer, Scott Neal, Gulfstream, and Rob Scholl, Cessna. And Business Aircraft Brokers and Operators, moderated by Wilson Leach. Panelists included John Grillo, Executive Fliteways, Marius Breitenbach, Execujet, Rene Banglesdorf, Charlie Bravo Aviation, and Bruce Peddle, Flexjet.

The questions and comments were robust, concerns about the industry’s recovery was front and center. And everyone availed themselves of the networking opportunities.

We wrapped up the day with a closing reception with dim sum and a jazz band.

To learn more about the full scope of JETNET iQ reports you can contact Rolland Vincent at 972-439-2069 or Paul Cardarelli at 800-553-8638X254

Diane Levine-Wilson

IMHO, Let’s Get The Message Straight

The recent confluence of “News” hit me like a perfect storm this morning. My reactions ran the gamut from “Yikes” to “Oh No” to “You are kidding?” to “Way to Go”!

The “Yikes” …the stock market nosedive, the “Oh No”…. the recent GAMA aircraft delivery numbers, the “You are kidding?” …Learjet is sending jobs to Mexico, and finally the “Way to go”…. the US Trade Commission.

Let me try to make some sense out of all of this if I can.

As we know, the stock market tumbled before our very eyes on Monday. Reacting of course to the S&P downgrade. If you blinked, you may have missed seeing your 401K spiral down the loo. That was really the aftermath of the storm, the debris, the waste product of our government dysfunction. Then I read that GAMA reported a 15.5 percent decline in general aviation shipments for the first half of 2011, fallout as well from our current economic/government dysfunction. Although a tad less personally gut wrenching, it represents a slow bleed for our industry. Then to add further insult, I received the news, as published in the WSJ that the new Lear 85 is going to be built in Mexico. Continue reading

Diane Levine-Wilson

The BizAv Two Step

Three steps forward….two steps back. That’s the rhythm the government is making us dance to. One day they rave about their support of general aviation and the next minute they take it away.

Just this week the “corporate jet” has again been vilified by our President as the symbol of corporate excess and recipient of over the top government subsidies. Envisioning the aircraft as the evil dragon that must be slain, I can’t help but envision a torch-carrying mob marching to the nearest GA airport in the dead of night to slay the monster. Despite what I believe to be baseless incendiary propaganda meant to inflame the populace rather than inform, and pointing the finger at corporate jet owners as the poster children for our country’s financial problems is simply not fiscally true.

How soon they forget why the accelerated depreciation on new aircraft purchases came to be. To perhaps save the 1.2 million jobs our industry provides? Or even to save one of the remaining technologies we have left to export?

This very morning as I was having my coffee, I began browsing my new Fortune magazine. During my wake up process at that hour, I naturally turned to a lighter article. And, lo and behold….”The 100 Great Things About America”. There was the “monster” at number 84 on the list of greatness, the Gulfstream 650! It beat out Starbucks, Capt. Sully, and the Pulitzer Prize although not outranking Ben & Jerry’s and the Bill of Rights.

Granted, the demographic of Fortune readers may be somewhat biased because I would imagine that a greater proportion of their readers appreciate the value of GA. Than the readers of let’s say People.

Yet after the President’s snarky barb, I am once again I am making a plea for us to stop preaching to the choir. Sell our message outside our small circle of interest. As long as the barbs continue, and the populace is stirred up, we as an industry will allow ourselves to be a target.

Diane Levine-Wilson

JETNET iQ first Summit: “Igniting Ideas, Provoking Change” a Success.

On June 6th and 7th, JETNET LLC and our affiliate JETNETiQ held our first Global Business Aviation Summit. The venue was the lovely InterContinental Barclay Hotel in New York City, NY.

We welcomed attendees from all sectors of the industry, manufacturing, legal and finance, marketing and technology to listen to and participate in discussions with our exceptional line up of speakers. (I have attached our agenda so I don’t make the mistake of leaving anyone out)

JETNET iQ is the brainchild of Rolland Vincent, of Rolland Vincent Associates LLC . He came to JETNET with the idea of creating an aviation intelligence forecasting product based upon real data. He brought his idea to us knowing the advantage such a product would have by having a staff of researchers with 20 plus years worth of market contacts and trusted interaction as the foundation of survey gathering. Knowing full well that through these relationships, JETNET could get responses where no other company could. Add to that the fact that JETNET researchers survey the world in eight languages.

JETNET iQ is structured into three segments; the quarterly industry surveys, the annual industry summits, and one on one personal consulting. For a full description go to www.JETNETiQ.com Continue reading

Diane Levine-Wilson


Putting all politics aside. C’mon, you can do it.

The somewhat controversial governor of New Jersey Chris Christie (what were his parents thinking?) is in the news this time for personal use of one of the state owned helicopters. He used it to fly to his son’s high school baseball game and then to attend a dinner with GOP folks to discuss his possible run for President.

Yikes! The media grabbed this up like a fresh donut on the dashboard of a squad car and the opposition party talking heads were aghast and the public decried “outrage. Sighting “hypocrisy” as justification for their anger. After all, the porcine governor is busily slashing budgets in the public sector in order to get the state back on fiscal solid ground. “Everyone must make sacrifices” is his battle cry for decimating state funding for education. Ooops, I said I wouldn’t do that. “My bad”

Here’s what happened: Continue reading